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Dr. Simón Santamaria
Technical Development Director
Hydrock Consultants Ltd.

Dr Simon Santamaria


Dr. Simón Santamaria serves as the Technical Development Director at Hydrock’s Fire Safety Division, where he spearheads initiatives aimed at enhancing technical proficiency among staff and positioning Hydrock as a frontrunner in fire safety engineering.

Simón’s journey in engineering began with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in Caracas, Venezuela, leading to a Ph.D. in Fire Safety Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2020. Along the way, he gained valuable experience in the private sector in Venezuela and achieved a Master’s of Science in Fire Safety Engineering with distinction from Lund University, Gent University and the University of Edinburgh.

During his doctoral studies, Simón enriched his expertise through a visiting academic role at Berkeley University in 2018 and by undertaking specialised courses in combustion and fire safety engineering at Princeton University in 2019. Subsequently, he contributed as a research associate at the University of Edinburgh, notably participating in the experimental campaign overseen by Prof. Luke Bisby for Phase II of the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Tower Fire. His extensive research background encompasses various facets of fire dynamics, including compartment fires, wildfire spread, backdraft, and the structural response of mass timber elements in fire scenarios.

Simón’s commitment to advancing fire safety extends beyond academia. He has held a prominent role in the UK Chapter for the Society for Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) since 2022, currently serving as Vice-President. Additionally, Simón shares his expertise as a guest lecturer in fire safety engineering at Birmingham City University and has presented at prestigious conferences and symposiums, such as the International Combustion Symposium and the International Fire and Blast Conference. He has also been a featured speaker at seminars organised by bodies like the SFPE and the Institute for Fire Engineers (IFE). His research contributions have been showcased in leading journals such as Fire Safety Journal, Engineering Structures and Fire Technology.

Simón’s dedication to advancing fire safety engineering through research, education, and professional engagement underscores his invaluable role in Hydrock’s ongoing pursuit of technical excellence and innovation.

Hydrock Consultants Ltd.

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We enjoy tackling complex situations – taking a different angle to fire safety solutions, devising strategies for complex buildings, providing imaginative fire safety solutions based on sound fire engineering principle. In summary, we have the capability to assess problems from both engineering and practical viewpoints.

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