The School of Specification (SOS) is an e-learning platform that gives professionals the information they need to make informed and intelligent design and specification decisions.

It sets out to harness the combined knowledge and expertise of the construction sector and to make it available in a way that is accessible, clear and easy to use. 

We are gathering together the brightest and freshest minds in the industry to deliver compelling content that is relevant and transferable, enabling construction professionals to specify with confidence.

SoS has been designed to help architects and other professionals deliver the best possible results for clients, communities and the environment. The aim is to foster shared learning and to support the industry in its mission to deliver buildings that are resilient, sustainable and safe.

Format and feedback
School of Specification will offer a series of learning modules focussing on a particular aspect of specification, ranging from contracts and insurance to building assembly, materials and technologies.

We will be publishing a new module every month so please send any comments or suggestions to rob.earl@schoolofspecification.co.uk 

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