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CCPC Impact for architects: Part 1
Collaborative construction procurement and contracting
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Dr Roxana Vornicu
Co-Managing Partner / Research Associate
Sirbu&Vornicu / King’s College London

Dr Roxana Vornicu


Dr. Roxana Vornicu is a renowned construction and procurement lawyer with extensive expertise in public procurement, construction, and administrative law. She has worked for more than seven years at one of the largest law firms in Romania, managing and working on some of the country’s highest profile administrative disputes. 

In addition to her legal practice, Roxana is a  researcher at the King’s College London Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, focusing on emerging construction technologies and their legal consequences throughout the procurement and development of construction projects. 

At King’s, Roxana has contributed to several research programs, including the drafting of the White Paper ‘Procurement Strategies for incentivising collaborative delivery to optimize whole-life outcomes’ and the report ‘Procuring Net Zero Construction,’ which was endorsed by the UK government in the September 2022 ‘Construction Playbook’ and ‘Guidance on Promoting Net Zero Carbon and Sustainability in Construction.’

Sirbu and Vornicu is a Romanian law firm that provides legal services and advice across various sectors, including procurement and infrastructure, construction and real estate, energy, corporate and contracts, employment, litigation, arbitration, and BIM and construction technologies. The firm offers legal advice and support on all public procurement, construction and infrastructure matters, in all major sectors such as transport infrastructure, oil and gas, petrochemicals and power plants. They also provide practical, business-led solutions and a full circle understanding of construction projects by acting as a one-stop contact point for project development, contract administration, and dispute resolution advice.

Additionally, Sirbu and Vornicu provide legal and advice and support on large and complex claims across all energy-related matters, as well as a practical approach to corporate law and contractual issues in Romania or pan-European, cross-border deals. The firm also handles a full range of employment-related litigation, day-to-day HR issues, and strategy, ranging from advice on employment contracts through to occupational health and safety. Moreover, Sirbu and Vornicu have extensive knowledge of the legal consequences of BIM and other construction digital technologies, as well as experience in international dispute settlement and several European jurisdictions, including France, Germany, Austria, Romania, and the UK.

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