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The Building Safety Act
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Lucinda Robinson

Partner, Fenwick Elliott


Lucinda Robinson


Lucinda has a broad range of experience of the various issues that can arise throughout the life-cycle of construction and engineering contracts, including contract formation, delay, defects, variations and termination, and the methods that can be employed to avoid or resolve them (the latter whether through ADR including mediation, or more adversarial proceedings such as litigation, adjudication or expert determination).

Lucinda is very familiar with typical standard form contracts, particularly from the JCT, NEC, FIDIC and ICHemE suites and has an MSc in Construction Law & Practice. Having worked as in-house construction and litigation counsel for a manufacturing and engineering business, Lucinda is particularly alive to the commercial context within which her clients operate.

Fenwick Elliott

Fenwick Elliott is the largest construction and energy law firm in the UK, with offices in both London and Dubai. They work closely alongside clients to offer a full range of legal services for construction, engineering and energy projects worldwide.

Fenwick Elliott | The construction and energy law specialists

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